Derren Brown

Derren Brown, a British illusionist, mentalist and writer is worldwide known for the many hoaxes he made on gambling houses. In a TV series called Mind Control he was able to show an easy way of numerating cards and as a result increase the winning chances when playing twenty-one. Since that on he was not allowed to enter any other gambling house in the UK or America.

Back in the days…

When Derren was a college student he had the ability to entertain his classmates with his magic tricks. Most of his classmates couldn't believe how good Derren was. As he is a kind of thrill-seeker he has been involved in several incidents related to gambling house games. In a recent event, Derren gave his word that he was going to reveal the keys on how to defeat gambling houses. However, it is inevitable to wonder if there is such a way of doing so.

All the different games offered at gambling houses have a favourable position for the house, which is a percentage of all the different gambles placed on the games. When have a roulette game in the European style, the advantage of the house is 2.7%. Nevertheless, this advantage of the house can be reduced by simply changing the possibilities, just like Derren exhibited in his strategy of numerating cards when playing twenty-one. Although there are several strategies that bettors can use none of them has proved to be effective in increasing the winnings.

Succeeding with a gadget

The strategy Derren used was to make use of a gadget to measure speed. This gadget helped him foretell different important things regarding where the ball was likely to fall. One thing to consider is that nowadays you are not allowed to use any kind of gadgets in any gambling house in order to avoid scams.