Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo

The main reason why roulette is an increasingly popular game is because there are many stories regarding the subject that many bettors want to have their names in the roulette stories record. Thrill-seekers have played the game for years so it is not surprising to learn that the list of tricksters trying to defeat the gambling house is endless.

Since gambling houses get to know about the different strategies bettors find more difficult to make use of the various strategies available. When bettors make mistakes their winning chances decrease significantly. Gambling houses were able to know what the problem with their roulette games was and contacted the expert roulette bettor Gonzalo García-Pelayo to help them.

Lucky bettor

He had a career in producing Spanish music, but he wasn't very lucky. When he found out what the problem with roulette game was his fortune changed in an instant. His strategy was to measure and improve his winning chances.

Together with his family he developed a method to put to use in different gambling houses in Vegas. In the twentieth century wheels were not really random and the technology gambling houses used was quite outdated, which allowed Gonzalo to record videos. He studied those videos carefully and was able to foretell that there were numbers that were chosen more often than others.

García-Pelayo success

He was not a common bettor in any roulette game. In 1990, he came up with a strategy to increase his winning chances. He always gambled on the numbers that came up more often and he increases his winning percentage from 5 to 15.

When the gambling houses realized what was going on, he was sued. However, the court favoured him stating that the gambling house had to repair the problem with their wheels. After that, the gambling houses understood he was a great asset for them and he repaired the roulette wheels.