Roulette History

Many years roulette remains one of the most popular and playable casino games. There are millions of gamblers which are playing this amazing game all over the world in land and online casinos. But what is the origin of the roulette wheel? Our article will highlight the most interesting moments from the history of this fascinating game.

History Roulette

The word “roulette” means “small wheel” (French). The first roulette wheel was invented in 1655 by a French scientist Blaise Pascal. During that time the inventor worked on the creation of a perpetual motion machine. The first roulette wheel was simple and primitive and, unfortunately, the inventor didn’t succeed in it, but he marked the beginning of a new casino game.

Two centuries later, in 1843, two brothers Louis and François Blanc perfected the roulette wheel and introduced the game. They colored the pockets of the wheel into black and red, numbered them 1-36 and added the green zero slot.

Roulette History: Legend

It is believed that two brothers bargained with the devil in order to know secretes of the roulette wheel. The mythic side of the game’s origin is based on the fact that the total of all roulette wheel numbers (1-36) is 666, which is known as the Number of Beast.

Roulette History: America

Later French settlers brought roulette to New Orleans and started the history of this game in United States. Different gambling halls and saloons set up tables with the roulette wheel with aim of attracting more and more players who wanted to try their luck. Later American casino started to make changes in the game: they added one more zero slot (“00” double zero) in order to increase the house edge.

Modern Roulette

Nowadays lots of players prefer live roulette to the virtual one. Internet casinos give their payers an opportunity to play roulette online without leaving their houses. Many players find internet gambling as much exciting as real. Moreover, online casinos are considered to be much profitable by many gamblers.