Roulette Bettors

Albert Einstein once said that it is impossible to defeat a roulette game if you don't loot it. Although the chances of winning are really low, people from different backgrounds namely fans, experts, movie characters and real are certainly attracted to this enthralling game and try to find ways of making it a more passionate game. Let's have a look at those people who tried their best to defeat the game.


  • The first person is Claude Shannon. He works on the field of IT and is a proficient scientist. He created the first portable computer to work out the possible results of the game.
  • The following character, Malcolm X, revealed that he had never played the traditional roulette game but he did play Russian roulette.
  • The next person is known as the best writer of betting books. Frank Scoblete wrote the successful book called Secrets of Beating the Wheel.
  • Christopher Pawlicki is more than a simple gambler. He is in fact a sharp-witted professional in the field of Physics, Math and computer science. He also published a book called Get the edge at roulette.
  • Another distinguished person is Thomas Bass, who published a book Gambling Houses being hacked by making use of a computer.
  • A worldwide known person is Jerry Patterson. He published a bestselling book titled Casino Gambling. This book was the first one to mention the need of control in the dices used for craps.
  • Andres Martinez came up with a strategy in which the budget for a gambling session is separated in 35 parts.
  • John Marchel and Raymond Lai are two famous tricksters who now own two webpages to help gamblers.
  • The last trickster we are going to mention is Gonzalo García-Pelayo. He is a millionaire roulette wager who got his wealth by building a model of roulette and to gamble on the numbers that are unlikely to come up.

Cheaters in movies


Some other fictional characters have also had a game of roulette. Movies like Casablanca and James Bond have portrayed roulette games in the best way. Nowadays it is also common to see how television series show characters enjoying a roulette game.