A roulette wheel is made up of different sizes of wheels. Let's have a look at some of the characteristics of a roulette wheel so that you can understand how it works.

The biggest wheel of the roulette is what regulates the profit of the random factor. How big each of the wheels is, is something that can be regulated in order to increase the winning or losing chances of gamblers.

You can choose any area of the wheel by popping on it. How much the area is worth and the winning chances are shown in the Region Control dashboard. The pointed markers can also be used to vary the area/wheel you have chosen.

When you swirl the wheel you can do it in either direction. When you move your mouse away from the wheel it starts to swirl. Remember if you take the mouse away from the wheel fast, it will start swirling pretty fast.

Wheel buttons

  • Wheel Choose:  you can choose from various pre-determined wheels such as a coin, a dice or two, the total of two dices and a pair of wheels that represent the Monty Hall Issue.
  • Insert: this option allows you out another wheel once you have selected a wheel
  • Remove: you will be able to take away the wheel you chose.
  • Repeat:  this will allow you to build a new outside wheel that represents a free case of the wheel you chose, this means that each area of the wheel is separated into areas depending on the winning chances of the chosen wheel.
  • Invert: this option allows you to change the order of the wheels but does not affect the winning chances.
  • Spin: swirl the Roulette Wheel;

Area buttons

  • Insert: put a new area soon after you chose an area.
  • Remove: change the area you chose
  • Value: shows how much each area is worth, you can change how much each area is worth.
  • Chances Select: shows the Possibility/Conditional Possibility/Ratio of the chosen area region; "Possibility" means the possibility that the wheel will stops on that area of the wheel, "Conditional Possibility" means the chances that the wheel will stops on the chosen area of the wheel only if stops on the right region in another wheel.