Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell is considered to be the most fortunate roulette gambler of all times, and he is also considered to be not right in his head for what he did. Perhaps he is mixture of a good wager and a thrill-seeker. The only thing we can be sure of is that he is a wager.

How it all started

Seven years ago, Ashley who was in his early thirties decided to put everything he owned for sale. He only kept a pair of jeans, a shirt and underwear. With the money he had he purchased a plane ticket to Vegas where he stayed at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. In order to enter the gambling house, he had to borrow a jacket and he went to a roulette table. He bought $135,300 worth of counters and placed a red gamble with all his counters.

When the wheel was swirled and the ball was thrown, Ashley was about to collapse. When the ball finally hit a number, everybody was in awe because the chosen number was seven RED. With one single gamble, Ashley had won $270,600. After that, he gave the croupier a tip of six hundred dollars and left the table.

Investing his winnings

The first thing he did was get some clothes because he didn't have anything to wear except for the jacket someone lent him. With the money he won in Vegas, he created a poker webpage called Poker Utd.