Guide to Roulette

Roulette is a classic of any casino. This game is rather simple for one’s understanding. If you are new in this game, read the information below and you will able to play the roulette game and improve your playing skills.

How to play?

The object of the game is to predict the number slot the roulette ball will fall into. Players make their bets and the croupier throw the ball. There are a lot of different bets in the roulette game. For better understanding, read the roulette betting.

Roulette Wheel Types

There are two main types of the roulette wheel: American and European. The first one the most popular among both land based and online casinos. American roulette consists of 36 numbers which are colored in red and black and two slots are green: “zero” and “double zero”. European roulette is similar to American, but there is one difference: there is no “double zero” pocket on EU wheel. It is very important to know for every new player that this fact creates a huge difference in game’s house edges:

  • American - 5.26%
  • European - 2.7%

It means that the European roulette table odds are much better for its players. And that is the reason of most live casino preferring American roulette to European. It is very difficult to find land casino which offers European wheel to their customers, but it is possible to find this game on the internet. There hundreds of online casinos on the web. One should just register his/ her account on the site and play favorite casino games.

Online Roulette Gambling

Online casinos are much profitable in comparison with real ones mainly because they don’t need to spend their money on expensive equipment and service staff as real casinos do. All an online casino player sees is a virtual version of this or that game. Also, every online casino offers sign-up bonuses and different loyalty programs for their players. And for their new players, there are free casino games with the help of which one can easily improve his/ her playing experience and then start to play for real money.