Legal Notice

The Publicity Rules of this Website

  1. If you have won in the casino events, and the winning amount or other prize that is worthy for the publicity of this casino then you are agreed that you will join any type of publicity program of this casino to publicize the winning amount and the prize. You also give the authority to the casino to use your name and photograph or content for their publicity about your winnings and the prize you already got.
  2. You also have to agree that all these publicity materials will be casino's property and the rights of these materials will be won by the casino. You can be sure that we shall do everything necessary to protect the privacy of our users and customers.
  3. You can learn more about our privacy policy and publicity agreements from the privacy policy page of our website.

The Services Using Rules of Our Website or Casino

  1. We provide the services and software as the "as is", so that means, we will offer no guarantee for the safety, good quality, excellent fitness for your use, accuracy or completeness of our services or software, you can-not blame us for this cause.
  2. If the computer does not function smoothly, then for that cause we will not be responsible and if the computer fails to communicate for the internet connection while playing games in our casino, that will be just the accident and if anything bad happens for those causes, we will not be responsible for that.
  3. We will not guarantee the accuracy of our services and if you find any fault in our services, please inform us and we will correct the fault as soon as possible. You can inform us about the fault via mail or messaging board of the website.
  4. We always take necessary steps to keep our website and software safe from any type of virus or harm but we will not offer any guarantee for our files and software that those are free of problems. To protect your computer and other settings, you have to take your own actions because we will not be responsible if our files or software make any harm of your computer.
  5. We can pause any of our services any time we want with or without any notice and this is a regular thing that we always try to inform all our users. After completing the services, we can resume the services after reasonable time period with our will.
  6. The bets will be void if the whole system of casino fails or malfunction.
  7. For any of our action, if you lose something then the casino will not be responsible for that loss.